Sunday, February 28, 2010

dont forget the dj:ROB SWIFT

it seems to me that through the mainstream music today that is being presented as hip hop, the essential position of the DJ is being disrespected and forgotten about. Seeing DJ such-and-such stand on stage with a computer clicking on the next selection,when theyre no better than the shuffle feature on my ipod? ROB SWIFT;one of my favorites to watch on the tables, straight makin his own beats with his scratches. very original, reminding you not just anyone can call themselves a DJ

all this scratchin is makin me itch!

LOX & BIGGIE: Youll See

originally premiered on the badboy mixtape pt.3 hosted by stretch armstrong..

89.9 with Stretch and Bobbito READ UP!!

you should already know about 89tek9 with stretch and bobbito but if not heres some clips that show a little bit about their contribution and how much influence they had on NYC and WORLDWIDE hip hop.. from having Nas, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Ol Dirty and many others on the show before they were ever even signed, to hosting many classic freestyles such as the 7 minute Big L and Jay Z session, they were a key role in the development of this shit!!

Roc Marciano: A New Hope

no question Roc Marci is my new favorite mc. dont get it confused Roc has been around for a minute, but his new shit with the P Brothers and Pete Rock in the last couple years has me hungury for the album..


thanks to my homey JOEY for putting me on to all the fondle em shit. when i heard this for the first time it hit me hard; anybody who tells me to "listen to what lil wayne is saying" should really check and compare these poetics. a goon to a goblin??

Another Rock remix

well put together...


i always loved the original but the remix from Pete Rock sounds meant to be..


ill shit from the radio show 89 tech 9 with Stretch and Bobbito..


classic Alkaholiks, always goes good with a shorty a 40 and a blunt..


plain and simple this site is to display real hip hop. for the first post i thought it was very appropriate to throw up my favorite producer/mc none other than the Green Eyed Bandit, mr Erick Sermon. A good way to start off and set the tone for This is not Thriller... FOR THOSE WHO RECOGNIZE ONLY REAL SHIT!!! enjoy erbody